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Outstanding Graduates Spotlight: Spring 2021

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For the Spring 2021 graduating class, Britney Hatfield is the B.I. Moody III College of Business Administration Outstanding Graduate representing the Department of Accounting. Quincy Damon is the Economics and Finance Outstanding Graduate, Makayla Dean is the Management Outstanding Graduate, and Timothy Billiot is the Marketing Outstanding Graduate. Deidra Ollie is the Moody Business Outstanding Master’s Graduate.

We interviewed Britney, Quincy, Makayla, Timothy, and Deidra to find out more about their experience at UL Lafayette and Moody College of Business.

What is your ultimate career goal?

Britney: Through the internships I have held, I’ve learned I enjoy public accounting, for there are so many individuals and businesses to learn from. I plan to pursue my CPA license after graduation. My goal as a businesswoman is to continuously learn and grow to provide clients with the best service possible. 
Deidra: My ultimate career goal is to be a successful leader in the healthcare industry. Whether that is as an outreach director in a healthcare foundation or an officer for diversity and organizational change, I want to become an inspirational leader that instills ambition and empathy with my team.
Quincy: My ultimate career goal is to be diverse. I want to work for an investment company and be a decision maker for clients. I think I’ve always been good at managing money, but investing is more complex. People not only need to invest their money, but also their time. I also want to invest in real estate because of the need to be diverse. The things I have done up to this point were all done to get to that goal which includes investing in myself.
Makayla: Move to Texas and become an office manager at a medical office and possibly own a boutique one day.
Timothy: To one day open a marketing agency.

What are five things you've learned while at Moody Business?

Britney: The importance of networking with peers and professionals. How to perfect your resume and excel in interviews. Time management—don’t be late to an accounting class. They won’t let you in. It seemed harsh to me at first, but the strictness prepares you for the workforce. How to come back from a setback—our faculty are very supportive. Moody Business receives incredible community support, and it speaks to the importance of community involvement.
Deidra: The five things I have learned during my time at Moody Business is the importance of being tenacious, determined, and resilient, especially during these unprecedented times. Also, this experience has taught me the importance of networking and having a mentor in pursuing my degree, aiding me through every single step in the process.
Makayla: The importance of networking. How to become a leader. Time management. How to make a great resume. Effective communication.
Timothy: The Consumer Decision Making Process. How to optimize and formulate my LinkedIn profile. 4 P’s of Marketing - Product, Place, Price Promotion. If I want to work at a company, I know what to look for, how to optimize my resume, and how to ace the interview. Programs: Adobe InDesign, SPSS, HTML.

Most important advice you would give to a new Moody Business student?

Britney: Other than invest in a good umbrella and rain boots? Get involved. College isn’t easy, and it’s even harder when you attempt it alone. Introduce yourself to your classmates, join organizations—both social and professional. Becoming connected with the students around you is what will make your college experience special.
Deidra: It is very essential to set high personal and academic standards for yourself. At the same time, you should embrace every aspect of your college experience. Make sure to explore those subjects and activities that you are passionate about.
Quincy: The most important advice I could give a new Moody Business student is to build relationships early on in college. Do not wait until you're a junior or senior when classes get more in depth to try and find help. Find business tutors, professors, and advisors that can guide you and help you in the long run while you are in undergrad. These relationships lead to better grades and more opportunities.
Makayla: Get to know some of your classmates and definitely make a GroupMe for studying and communicating
Timothy: It’s okay to take your time and not know what you want to do yet. If you are an undeclared major or you are unsure, you still have time to figure out what you want to do. Make sure it is what YOU want to do. You are your own person and on your own journey. Do not be discouraged if school takes a few more semesters or years to complete because you’re on a path towards YOUR success, not someone else. Also go to as MANY Accounting tutoring sessions as possible.

Why UL Lafayette?

Britney: In addition to the accounting department’s accreditation, I chose UL because of the people. I remember meeting Ms. Adele Bulliard, the Director of Scholarships, for the first time. After speaking with her, I knew I would be taken care of as a student at UL, and I have felt valued and cared for by UL Lafayette faculty and staff.
Deidra: UL Lafayette has been a perfect combination of academic rigor, a diverse culture, and a school spirit that spreads to every aspect of campus. When choosing a college to pursue my Master’s degree, I appreciated that UL provides students with learning opportunities in and out of the classroom. UL Lafayette obtains many resources to be successful and has made my transition into graduate school extremely smooth.
Quincy: UL Lafayette has always been home for me. My mother and my brother both graduated from here. I have memories of going to class with my mother when I was little and walking though the old Union. It was set in stone that I was going to attend UL. The culture, food, relationships, and spirit of UL has always spoke to me because it represents the heart of Louisiana.
Makayla: I was able to obtain a superior education while staying close to friends and family. My heart will always be in Lafayette.
Timothy: UL Lafayette is so unique in its culture. The food, the hype, the Cajun hospitality extends to UL Lafayette’s campus, faculty, and programs.

What has been your favorite business class?

Britney: BLAW 310 with Valerie Guidry. She is a brilliant professor and kept the lectures interesting and entertaining. I almost signed up for a business law minor because of her, but it sadly would’ve put me back a semester. 
Deidra: My favorite business class was Policy Formulation and Administration. Even though this was my final course, it was the perfect class to combine all of the topics I have previously learned. I had the opportunity to partner with the Louisiana Entrepreneurship and Economic Development Center and to participate as an MBA Consultant with its Accelerate Northside Entrepreneurship Program. I gained hands-on consulting experience with entrepreneurs developing or starting their business ideas while forming meaningful connections.
Quincy: I would have to say that my favorite business class so far was Student Managed Portfolio (Finance 485) because it gave us a say so in actual finance decision for an actual group. Students in this class were able to research a company and their financial data in order to present and offer advice on whether UL’s portfolio group should buy, sell, or hold a stock in said company. I think it taught me a lot about how much effort goes into those type of decisions. It was very hands on and one of my classes that I will always remember.
Makayla: Accounting.
Timothy: Integrated Marketing Communications with Stacey Bergeron.

How did Moody Business help you grow professionally or personally?

Britney: Participating in speed interviewing boosted my confidence with networking. It led me to my first accounting internship and ultimately my first full-time job with Darnall, Sikes & Frederick. Moody Business has personally connected me with numerous people that share professional interests.
Deidra: Moody College of Business developed my personal growth by providing a sense of accomplishment and pride. It is such a liberating feeling to prove my knowledge by completing my degree and the courage to step out my comfort zone. Because of this, I view myself as a lifelong learner, constantly striving for the mastery of new skills and exploring cultural interests.
Quincy: Moody Business School taught me to wake up every day with a purpose. The amount of work and effort required to be a successful individual calls for it. Time management, working hard, and being ahead were three things that became necessary to me. This things helped me grow with my job, and also my grades. Lastly, it helped me become more understanding of how circumstances outside of school could affect not only myself, but also others. No matter what, you always have to keep pushing. I believe I am an improved individual professionally and personally because of my time at Moody.
Makayla: Moody Business has taught me to excel in life. It is important to work hard and go the extra mile. That is the first step to success.
Timothy: Moody Business gave me access to resources and organizations to help me grow as a professional. The American Marketing Association, Handshake, the Resume Workshops, the Professional Development Workshops, and so much more have all helped me to develop myself as a professional. Personally, many of these programs and organizations have helped me develop myself as a speaker and have given me more confidence in speaking in groups and large crowds.