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Accounting is recognized as the "language of business" and accountants as lifelines of the business world. The Department of Accounting focuses specifically on the preparation of accounting majors for a professional career in accounting - not only in the more traditional fields of auditing, income tax, managerial accounting and not-for-profit accounting but also in newly emerging specialized fields such as fraud examination and systems analysis. A degree in accounting opens the doors to a wide variety of career opportunities that are in high demand in today’s environment. Accounting majors are recruited by regional and international accounting firms, corporations, banking and financial institutions, and the Internal Revenue Service, among others.

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Economics and Finance

In the Department of Economics and Finance, we offer three majors: economics, finance, and insurance and risk management. In our department, we don't focus on just theories and studies — we work to help you understand ever-changing fiscal policies and laws, the critical thinking involved in business and financial strategies, as well as the importance of strong ethics and professionalism. You will emerge from our programs with an overarching understanding of the world's economic and financial complexities to prepare you for a rewarding and challenging career in business.

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In the Department of Management, we offer two majors: Management and Professional Land and Resource Management. UL Lafayette provides an opportunity to acquire the education and experience necessary to become a successful manager. From the time you enter the management program until the time you graduate, the main focus of the department is on you. Whether you aspire to be a manager in a multinational corporation or the owner of a business, the Department of Management can help prepare you for the exciting challenges that lie ahead. If the world of business is in your future, we proudly invite you to see what we have to offer.

The Professional Land and Resource Management major is one of a handful in North America, and we offer extraordinary education and training on how to manage, acquire, and negotiate resources, especially related to the oil and gas industry. Our graduates master a carefully planned curriculum that gives them diverse opportunities in Louisiana's flagship land and resource industry.

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Marketing and Hospitality

The Department of Marketing & Hospitality offers two different degrees, a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing and also one in Hospitality Management. Hospitality Management further strengthens our ties to Louisiana’s economy and culture. Along with courses in legal studies, the curricula in Marketing and Hospitality Management create unique offerings for you by providing avenues within which you can develop skills in the areas of marketing strategy, consumer behavior, marketing research, advertising, professional selling, marketing channels, travel and tourism, foodservice operations, lodging facilities, entertainment, events, attractions, conventions, transportation and tourism services, business ethics, and legal/regulatory requirements of business.

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