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Faculty Research Grants Awarded

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Moody Business News: July 2020

Each month, we will share news and accomplishments of Moody College of Business faculty, staff, and students.

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Sales Program Students Publish Year in Review

Students in the Moody Business Sales Program have published a 2019-2020 Year in Review.

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Moody College of Business recently awarded $43,500 in Faculty Research Grants to support high-quality research and publications. Congratulations to the following recipients and their business research projects. 

Dr. Josh Bendickson, Department of Management
Straight Outta Detroit: Embracing Stigma as Part of the Entrepreneurial Narrative

Dr. Ignatius Cahyanto, Department of Management
Visualizing Resilience: Assessing the Impacts of the 2018 Tsunami and COVID-19 on Tourism-Reliant Communities in Indonesia

Dr. Ron Cheek, Department of Management
The Effect of the COVID-19 Crisis on Entrepreneurial Activity in Louisiana & the U.S.

Chase Edwards, Department of Economics and Finance
Born on the Bayou: Louisiana’s Centuries-Old Solution to Coastal Relocation & Economic Development

Dr. Javier Portillo-Elias, Department of Economics and Finance
Do Cultural Districts Spur Urban Redevelopment? Evidence from Louisiana

Dr. Colleen Wolverton, Department of Management
A Longitudinal Study of the Impact of Expectations About Remote Work During a Disaster