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Moody College of Business Hosts 8th Annual Sales Competition

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Three University of Louisiana at Lafayette students placed highly in the eighth annual collegiate sales competition that was recently hosted by the B.I. Moody III College of Business Administration.

Several students participated in the competition held in the Northwestern Mutual Sales and Research Lab in Moody Hall. They delivered mock sales pitches to representatives of local companies, who posed as potential buyers for simulated businesses.

A panel of local sales professionals judged participants on how well they performed in areas such as effective communication, use of visual aids, and ascertaining potential buyers’ needs in real time through the video-enabled lab technology.

The event also featured a networking hour where students had the opportunity to meet and talk with judges and local industry professionals.

Wendy Hebert, a marketing senior from Lafayette, La., placed first. Sureena Patel, a general studies senior from Lafayette, La., placed second. Brooke Landry, a marketing junior from Lafayette, La., placed third.


Photo Caption: Pictured from left to right is Assistant Professor of Sales Dr. Brent Baker, Brooke Landry, Wendy Hebert, Sureena Patel, and Reece Theriot, Instructor of Sales and Entrepreneurship.